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Hepatitis C Community Clinic


The Hepatitis C Community Clinic offers a non-judgmental, confidential and supportive service to address the needs and improve the health outcomes of those affected by hepatitis C.





Who is the service for?
People with hepatitis C or those concerned they may have been exposed to the virus.

Possible risk factors:
·               Current or past injecting drug use
·               Blood product transfusions prior to 1992
·               Unsterile tattooing or body piercing
·               Needlestick injury or blood exposure prone procedures

What does the service offer?
·               A non-judgmental environment
·               Testing and diagnosis
·               Pre and post-test counselling
·               Assessment and monitoring
·               Advice and information on hepatitis C
·               Health and lifestyle information and education
·               Symptom self management
·               Family/whanau inclusion
·               Treatment information
·               Linking with General Practice
·               Referral to other services as appropriate

How do you access this service?
Access to the clinic will be open to anyone who has a Christchurch address, reason to believe they have been exposed to hepatitis C and who wish to undertake testing and/or management of their condition. We can also ‘share’ your hepatitis C health care needs with your GP.

There is no cost involved with this service.

Who are we?
The clinic is staffed by a Hepatitis C Nurse Specialist supported by a Social Worker, GP and peer professionals.

Where are we?
27 Cashel Street, Christchurch.

When are we open?
Monday – Friday 9am - 4pm (closed public holidays)


To make an appointment or for more information

Phone: (03) 377 8689





Updated August  2012